Expansion Tanks in San Antonio


Why Do I Need a Thermal Expansion Tank?

Plumbing Code and City Requirements

Plumbing codes require that thermal expansion control be addressed in plumbing systems. A temperature and pressure relief valve is not considered a thermal expansion device. When water continuously drips from the T&P relief valve, minerals from the water can build up on the valve, eventually blocking it. This blockage can render the T&P valve useless and potentially lead to hot water heater explosions. The International Plumbing Code (IPC), Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and Standard Plumbing Code all require thermal expansion control to be addressed.

A Water Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV), or Pressure Regulator, is a valve that automatically brings high-pressure water supply lines or tanks to safe and/or usable pressures. Any time a PRV is installed, the City of San Antonio requires an Expansion Tank to be installed as well.

expansion tank

Thermal Expansion

Thermal expansion of heated water may occur wherever potable (drinkable) water is heated in a closed system (when the potable water is isolated from the public water supply by a one-way valve, such as a pressure reducing valve, backflow preventer or check valve).

Expansion Tank Installation

Water Expansion Tanks are designed to absorb the increased volume of water created by thermal expansion and to maintain a balanced pressure throughout the potable water supply system. They are used to prevent plumbing system and/or water heater damage and unnecessary relief valve discharge caused by excessive pressure from thermal expansion.

Because the Expansion Tank assists in maintaining balanced pressure, it is considered to be a protective device for the Pressure Reducing Valve.

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