Leak Detection in San Antonio

plumbing leak detection san antonioDoes it seem like you can hear running water coming from somewhere underneath your floors but you’re not sure as to where it’s coming from?
Have you noticed a decrease in your water pressure lately?
Does it seem like your water bill seems to be increasing without the usage increasing?

If you answered yes to any of these you’re most likely dealing with a water leak hidden somewhere in your home. It could be from the main water line or even an internal leak between the floors or walls. Either way, it’s crucial that you have a professional plumber take a look and try to find the source of the leak. Otherwise you risk expensive damage to your home and won’t see your bill decrease or pressure increase any time soon.

Here at Texas Plumbing Diagnostics we have professional technicians that deal with detecting leaks. They’re properly trained and have the experience you want and need for detecting any leaks. In order to determine where the leak is originating from we use an array of special equipment combined with knowledge and expertise in order to find the cause and location of the leak.

We guarantee all of our work which is one of the many reasons homeowners and businesses of San Antonio continue to trust us. We can seek and repair the water leak in your home helping you regain your water pressure and lower your water bill. We provide emergency service and offer flexible appointment times to better suit our customer’s needs.

Just give us a call and we’ll schedule your service to get someone out as soon as possible to your home for superior leak detection service.

Our Leak Detection Process

You might be curious as to how our leak detection services work. There are different methods that we utilize. The first part of detecting a leak is figuring out where it’s at, obviously. We have special equipment, like thermal leak detectors and acoustic leak detectors, that work great for locating hard-to-find leaks. A plumber can approach leak detection in various ways no matter if it’s coming from the main water line or in the wall.

Leak Detection Services for San Antonio

If you know there is a leak on your property then you should definitely consider using our leak detection service. Your plumbing should operate efficiently at all times. If you’re unsure as to why you might use our leak detection services, consider the following:

  • Prevent Damage to Your Property – It’s no surprise that a major water leak could put your walls, floors, and even belongings in great jeopardy.
  • Restore Proper Water Pressure – We don’t have to tell you how frustrating low water pressure can be. A decrease in water pressure is a good sign of a water leak and can make showering more time-consuming and difficult.
  • Lower Your Water Bill – Nobody likes to see an abnormally high water bill, or any bill for that matter, and a water leak can encourage a higher water bill. Our leak detection service allows you to have the leak repaired and your water bill back to normal.

leak detectionPipe and leak detecting services should be performed by professionals with specialized equipment and training, such as acoustic, dye, and excavation tests. Texas Plumbing Diagnostics can detect leaks and make the necessary repairs in the same visit. We also offer alternative solutions to traditional plumbing methods.

Please call Texas Plumbing Diagnostics today to find out how we can help with your water leaks.