Tunneling in San Antonio


Plumbing Tunneling Services in San Antonio

Foundation Problems

Foundation problems usually indicate plumbing problems. And, as your foundation repair company will tell you, you must have all plumbing repairs made before the foundation issues can be addressed.

There are two ways to address plumbing problems under the slab:

  • Tunneling under the slab to repair from the bottom
  • Breaking up the slab to perform the repair from the top

Many times, homeowners prefer tunneling to repair plumbing, because breaking up a slab means breaking up tile, wood or other flooring, not to mention the dirt, dust and activity created in the home.

Drain Line Repair

Drain line repair can be required for several reasons. Tree roots are very adept at locating moisture, and will probe joints or other areas to find a point of entry. Don’t forget bushes, either, as a source of root damage to your pipes. When roots gain the upper hand in your sewer lines, the lines must be dug out and replaced.

Do I Need to Tunnel to Deal with Water Line Problems?

Although tunneling can be performed to repair water lines, at TPD, we usually simply re-route the water lines. Ask your San Antonio Plumber – TPD, how best to handle your water line repair.

Tunneling is Not for Amateurs!

From time to time, we’re asked if cheap labor can be used to dig tunnels. Our answer is an emphatic “NO!” Our tunnels are excavated to demanding specifications. We will be asking our plumbing technicians to enter the tunnel and perform exacting plumbing repairs. Their lives will literally depend on a well-dug and adequately reinforced tunnel. The liability to our Company, the homeowner, and most importantly, to the plumbing technician and his family, are far too great to rely on anything other than a properly excavated tunnel.

Need Tunnel Work? We’re Capable and Experienced

TPD Plumbing has excavated tunnels over 75 feet long; we’re fully capable and have the experience you’ll want when it comes to performing your sewer repairs. We’ll locate the problem and repair the problem – it’ll be NO PROBLEM!

Give TPD, your San Antonio plumbing repair company, a call today!