Water Filtration Services in San Antonio


Home Water Filtration

Home water filtration sytems have been important to San Antonians for many years. The water your family drinks, cooks with, and baths in every day has a profound affects on your family’s health. Texas Plumbing Diagnostics has been certified as Water Treatment Specialists and can offer expert advice on water filtration systems.

Common Water Filtration Systems

Sediment Filters

These simply filter out unwanted particles such as sand and dirt. They are usually made from woven fabric, foam, or porous blocks. Sediment filters are rated in microns, the size of the particles they can filter out. Most filter particles between .5 and 10 microns. Carbon filters are a very common example.

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Reverse Osmosis Filters

These systems utilize a membrane to filter particles as small as .0001 micron. Higher pressure on one side of the membrane forces the water to pass through. They even filter out good (healthy) minerals, so we recommend systems that also re-mineralizes your water as well. Reverse Osmosis systems require very little maintenance since unwanted particles are carried away through a drain tube rather than collecting in a disposable filter.

TPD, your San Antonio plumbing company, offers the sales, installation, and servicing of all home water filtration systems. Please give us a call today to see how we can help your family stay healthy with clean water!